Events Marketing

Cultural events are big attractions for ethnic groups. They provide the community a chance to meet, interact and socialize in their native cultural settings. Social, community, entertainment and business events draw people from all age groups in large numbers, presenting a unique marketing opportunity to bond through personal interaction and offer special promotions. These events offer a chance to take your product closer to consumers, inform and educate them about your offering, clear any concerns, create a comfort zone around their specific needs and gather vital customer insights. Events effectively complement traditional media channel campaigns and provide your brand a "close to community" feeling.

We offer complete event marketing and management services in all ethnic American markets. Our event marketing team will understand your specific requirements and develop, produce and execute complete event marketing strategy that meets your goals, including special on-site promotions that encourage product trial and usage. Our services include: hiring temp staff, providing training and product knowledge, creation and production of marketing collateral and company signage, space arrangement, negotiating booth and sponsorship costs, managing booth logistics and decoration, organizing event specific promotions, interacting with attendees, obtaining customer registrations and developing proprietary marketing databases.

Connect with our lead event strategist to discuss your need.