Grassroots Marketing

Sales promotions are designed to stimulate the purchase of your product or service by adding an incentive around its purchase. It encourages initial purchase, fosters repeated usage and helps build consumer brand loyalty. They are great marketing tools within the community as it offers it an opportunity to draw a bargain, participate in sweepstakes and provides a chance to try the product before its purchase. A product that is marketed at the point of interaction also has a better chance of selling than the one that is lying on the shelf.

Various ethnic community clusters like Chinatowns, Filipinotowns, Koreatowns, Russian districts, Polish pockets, Japantowns, Little Indias, Little Saigons and others are targeted by us for promotional activities. Short-term or long-term promotions are created and executed on a local, regional or national scale. Sales material, developed internally or by clients, is distributed along with product samples by an experienced temp staff that is hired, trained and managed to execute our promotions. Valuable consumer insights gained from each promotion are then shared with the client.

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